Mystical Bundle - Draggi and Wyveri

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Our magical Mystical Bundle is here!


  • x1 Draggi regular plush 
  • x1 Wyveri regular plush

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    My new favorites stuffies!

    They’re the perfect hugging size and they’re beautiful/adorable to display when I’m not cuddling them! They’re a fair price for a quality item, I’d recommend them to anyone and everyone!

    Aiden Gold
    Cute And Loving

    I bought Draggi and Wyveri as a present and they arrived relatively fast! They're very soft and just as cute as I expected!

    kate stainton

    I love these plushies so much! They are super soft, cute and well made. Wyvern is my favorite! they both have posable wings and can stand up really well on their own. I loved these guys so much I would highly recommend them to anyone who loves dragons or cute stuffed animals.

    Not what I expected, but very cute none-the-less

    they came in perfect condition, however, they are not as soft and squishable as they claimed. they are very solid stuffed animals, unlike a squish mallow like I expected. I put them on my bed when I make it as they aren't very good for cuddling.

    Cute Draconic Duo!

    Both Draggi and Wyveri are very nice to look at and touch, and honestly, I'm very impressed on how adjustable the wings are! I think there is wire in their wings to allow that to happen, but it doesn't feel sharp or stabby at all, just overall two very well constructed pieces. If I could complain about one thing though, it's that on Draggi's wings ( on mine at least ) there is some loose thread which is slightly concerning becuase I don't want them to fall apart over time ( plus I did pull on the thread when I first saw it cause I thought it was just like, an extra scrap of thread that was sticking to the plush, so that didn't help but I'll admit that was user error ). But, overall, they are both extremely well made and perfect for any dragon lover out there ( I keep them next to me as moral support during my d&d games! )

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