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Why don't Bellzi® Stuffed Animals have mouths?
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Sometimes we just need a friend to be there and lend a listening ear, and our Bellzi® Plushies do just that! 

Why is there an Embroidered Crest on my Bellzi® Plushie?
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We cherish each and every single one of our Bellzi® Plushies, and we care that you only ever receive a genuine Bellzi® Plushie. Just as artists affix their personal signatures to their original works of art, the Embroidered Bellzi® Crest is our official seal of authentication and genuine quality.

Can I personalize my Bellzi® Plushie?
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We do not offer personalized or customized plushies at this time.

Do Bellzi® Plushies come in larger sizes?
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Yes! We have large and super-sized versions available for select animals. If you don't see different sizing options on our product pages or would like to make a special request, just reach out to our team at!

Does Bellzi® offer any discounts?
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Sign up for our official newsletter to receive special holiday deals, pre-order new designs, and participate in special giveaways!

How can I clean my Bellzi® Plushie?
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We recommend surface washing your plushie, and allowing it to air dry. We don't recommend using a machine washer or dryer.

Are Bellzi® Stuffed Animals Safe for Babies?
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Yes! All Bellzi® Plushies are certified safe for newborn infants 0 months and older by independent, internationally-recognized safety labs.

Where are Bellzi® Plushies made?
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Most of our products are designed in the US, and made in China. Our team personally oversees the prototyping, manufacturing, and quality assurance of our plushies from start to finish!

I absolutely love Bellzi®! How can I help?
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We are always excited to have our fans help! You can start by telling your friends and family about Bellzi® and how much you love it! We always appreciate and are inspired by fan artwork of our characters. We also love hearing your ideas of creative story lines for our characters. Bellzi® is special because of the special relationships between our characters and our fans, and we intend to keep it that way!

If you have any other questions, always feel free to Contact Us and let us know! :)