Forest & Tundra Plushies Mystery Bag

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Looking for a fun and unique way to surprise someone special? Or maybe you just can't decide which of our adorably stuffed animals to bring home for yourself! Either way, our Forest and Tundra Plushies Mystery Bag is the perfect solution.

You'll receive a regular size plush, lanyard and one enamel pins, all chosen at random from our store. With a value of over $50, this is a great deal on some of our most popular items! And since the contents are chosen at random, it's the perfect way to add a little excitement and mystery to your life.

All Mystery Bag sales are final, so please choose carefully. And sorry, no customizations - that would ruin the surprise!

Item includes:

  • 1 mystery regular size Forest & Tundra plush
  • 1 mystery mini size Forest & Tundra plush
  • 1 mystery lanyard
  • 1 mystery enamel pins
  • 1 special Bellzi character collector's coin (Limited Time)

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Ella S.
Best. Purchase. Ever!

I ordered the forest and tundra mystery box, and honestly it was the best purchase I've ever made! It arrived within 4 business days, just as expected (P.S the packaging they use is so sweet and eye-catching!). The plushies were simply adorable! I got Red Pandi for the big one and Pandi for the little one! Just what I was hoping for! Good quality, soft, and the right sizes as indicated. The lanyard and pins were so cute too! This was so worth it! Overall I love this purchase and I will DEFINITELY be buying from Bellzi again!!

Shannon Emmerich

I was happy with the small item. Disappointed with large. The small was soft and perfect. Large was hard and not squeezable. I would not order the mystery again. For the money spend the extra and get what you want in case it's not soft you still have the toy you paid for. The product was delivered very fast and was wrapped nicely. Great customer reply.

Corrine Lopez

All the plushies are adorable and look exactly as described. This was our first Mystery Bag. My granddaughter selected the Forest and Tundra. The Large Plushie received from this order unfortunately was a duplicate of the Fox my granddaughter already had. I don't recall if there was an option to deselect any animal during the order process (which would be optimal). She loves the plushies but was disappointed that it was one she already had.

Sheila Cornwell
So cute

I love all the plushies and accessories I got from the mystery bag! They're all so cute and great quality. I couldn't ask for a better one!

Love it

My first purchase with Bellzi, and I love them, so soft, and squishy. I unboxed a normal sized Poli and a mini Teddi, with 2 adorable pins one hatching triceratops, and a giraffe.

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