Mini Draggi the Dragon

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Step into a realm of wonder and mystique with Mini Draggi, our captivating dragon stuffed animal. Crafted with the magic of ancient tales and legends in mind, Mini Draggi promises a tactile experience that's as enchanting as the mythical tales of dragons themselves. Designed for those passionate about the world of fantasy, this dragon plushie becomes the perfect bridge between the mythical and the tangible, bringing a touch of magic into your everyday life.

Elevate your collection to new heights of fantasy and imagination with Mini Draggi, the quintessential addition for all lovers of dragon plushies. Each curve, texture, and hue of this dragon plushie is a testament to its charm and allure, beckoning both the young and the young-at-heart into a world where dreams take flight. Mini Draggi is not just a mere plush toy. He’s a symbol of adventure, whimsy, and the timeless appeal of dragon lore.

Seize the chance to own a piece of enchantment with Mini Draggi today! Adding this dragon stuffed animal to your world means more than just expanding a collection, it's about welcoming a companion who carries the essence of mythical tales and ancient legends. Choose Mini Draggi and let your adventures in the realms of fantasy and wonder begin anew!

Standing Size: Length 3.75" x Depth 6.75" x Height 7" (Wing Length: 3.25")

★ Premium quality dragon stuffed animal
★ Stuffed with 100% premium none bunch polyester filling
★ Plastic safety eyes and nose
★ High quality stitching
★ Coat is made from very soft synthetic fiber
★ Made for all ages

Customer Reviews

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So cute

Draggi is so cute. Any “how to train your dragons” fan will love this.

Adorable & Great Quality

Bought this one and Wyveri. Love them both! Super cool how they're wings are adjustable.


Absolutely gorgeous lots of detail, looks amazing

Kaylee Clark

This was my best decision ever!! Not to mention it shipped within 2 days!! I’m thinking of adding the name cherry. The only thing is that it is more of a pink shade rather than red but I still love it!❤️❤️❤️

Eric Peng

The quality is second to none. The material is so soft. The stitching and details are phenomenal. Everyone in the family has their own Bellzi (Draggi, Tilli, Otti and Hedgi) and loves them. Shipping was careful and fast. Very satisfied and highly recommended. Thank you so much. Wishing you blessings, happiness, health and safety.

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