6 Reasons You need Griffi the Griffin Plushie

Seema Rao

Griffi is a Griffin–and he’s got some pretty storied cousins. When you learn more about Griffins, you’ll definitely want a Bellzi Griffi for yourself.  1. Griffins are a combination of fierce animals.   The griffin is...

New Years Thoughts from Our New Launches

Seema Rao

2023 is underway, and many of our plushies have made progress on their New Year’s Resolutions. Our new friends are here to share today. Check back throughout the year to hear stories about all of...

Letters from Bellzi

Seema Rao

We’d like to start 2023 by sharing some of the hopes and dreams of our Bellzi stuffed animal family. Some of our plushies have stories to share today, plus you can get a look at...


Seema Rao

#BellziintheWild gave our fans a chance to win Patch Bronti. Our fans shared their Bellzi plushies and joyful stories. #BellziintheWild was a zoo--full of cute plushies and wonderful fans. Our fans wowed us with their...

We're Coming to Anime Expo!

Chun Lin
Hello wonderful friends! 

Anime Expo is coming up this weekend, and we're letting you all know that we'll be there! It's taking place on July 4th to 7th (plus a pre-show night on July 3rd) in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles! 

Anime Expo is a convention where hundreds of thousands of fans gather to get the latest scoop on all things anime, cosplay as their favorite anime/manga characters, and watch live performances. There are tons of things to do at the conference, from socializing in the Butler Cafe, to karaoking and competing in cosplay face-offs.