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#BellziintheWild gave our fans a chance to win Patch Bronti. Our fans shared their Bellzi plushies and joyful stories. #BellziintheWild was a zoo--full of cute plushies and wonderful fans. Our fans wowed us with their pictures and their stories. The winners will be notified by email. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to be in the know about future contests. 

The contest ended November 18th, but we hope you keep sharing your wonderful Bellzi stories. 

Here are a few adorable submissions: 

stuffed animals on bed

Bellzi’s plushies often greet you in your room when you come home and stick with you when you fall asleep. They’re soft like a pillow but so much more. Just looking at them can bring you joy, as @jungshooketh_04_ mentioned. As @JacobMckenney mentioned, they give you a chance to doze with dinosaurs. What a comfort to have those huggable plushies with you for dream time!

many stuffed animals

Bellzi plushies aren’t just a cuddly alternative to stuffed animals–they’re also lifelong friends. Many people shared how these beloved buddies were with them through thick and thin. As @Iheartfoxes0419 said, thanks to their Bellzi plushies, they’ll never be alone. 

flying stuffed animals

Relaxing isn’t just about snoozing. Sometimes its about getting wild and crazy, like jumping on the bed as @ harold_and_steggs mentioned. Bellzi plushies are always down for a good time.

two stuffed animals on book

Many people shared how their plushies were there for pivotal moments in their lives, like holidays and moves. But these plushies are also there for your quiet moments, like relaxing on the couch or enjoying your favorite hobbies. While triceratops aren’t always said to be artsy, KitKatMai12’s got a real craft star on their hands with Bellzi’s Seri. Dinosaurs are pretty creative at PastelsCorgi’s home, getting ready to sketch a wild scene.

baby in incubator with stuffed animal

Bellzi plushies make a great gift for babies since they’re not a choking hazard. This Bronti has been hanging out with a tiny little one, waiting for the chance to bust out of that NICU into the wild world. Good luck to Bronti’s little friend in the incubator.


Written by Seema Rao

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