New Years Thoughts from Our New Launches

2023 is underway, and many of our plushies have made progress on their New Year’s Resolutions. Our new friends are here to share today. Check back throughout the year to hear stories about all of our animals. 

Also, this is an excellent opportunity for you to share your stories with us. You could win a Valentine’s Rexxi for entering our contest. We’d love to hear your dreams for 2023. Post a picture with your Bellzi plushie. Add a caption with your New Year's Resolution. Need a little inspiration? Here are the Resolutions from some of our Bellzi plushies. 

Look for Fun

Froggi wants to find some joy every day. Rainy days can be so boring and lonely, for example, and Froggi likes to turn his day around by singing a jaunty tune. After all, rainbows can only come out after the rain. Froggi will spend all this year looking for fun even if at first, everything seems gray. If you’re looking for the bright side, maybe Froggi is your ideal buddy.  

Busy is Best

Bii wants to stay productive this year. With all the flowers and bright colors, Bii knows it's easy to get distracted. But, Bii also knows getting things done feels wonderful. Bii will be setting lists and checking them twice this year, while buzzing off procrastination. Nothing feels better than accomplishing your goals! Need to get a lot done this year? Make Bii your study buddy.  

Be Yourself

Chamili is hoping to embrace her true colors. Chamili loves watching from the sidelines, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Wallflowers are still blooms. This year, Chamili will embrace her introverted nature. If you like to listen and watch, Chamili is a quiet friend worth keeping. 

Test Your Mind

Arcti is hoping to play more puzzles this year. He loves a clever task that takes more thinking than talking. Plus puzzles don’t require being the life of the party. Arcti might be a bit shy and reserved, but there is always plenty going on in his head. If you’re a puzzle player, add Arcti to your team. 

Adventures of All Sorts

Owli wants to make every day an adventure. Owli loves taking intellectual trips, reading about new places and experiences. But, Owli’s wings aren’t clipped. They like to travel far and wide. If you have an adventurous spirit, Owli is the perfect co-pilot. 

Written by Seema Rao

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