6 Reasons You need Griffi the Griffin Plushie

Griffi is a Griffin–and he’s got some pretty storied cousins. When you learn more about Griffins, you’ll definitely want a Bellzi Griffi for yourself. 

1. Griffins are a combination of fierce animals.  

The griffin is a mythical creature that lives exclusively in mountains--they don't like flatlands or forests because there aren't enough rocks for them to perch on and look down on everything from above. They tend to stay away from humans as well (except when they want something), but if you see one flying overhead on a sunny day, wave your arms to say hi because he or she might land nearby just so he or she can take off again later with something shiny in their claws (that's what they like best).

If you love mountain terrains, hiking, or heights, you and Bellzi’s Griffin are kindred spirits.

2. A Griffin has eagle eyes that can see many miles.

Griffins are known for their keen sight, and they have eagle eyes that can see many miles. They have a good sense of smell and hearing as well. Griffins are intelligent creatures, which makes them great companions on an adventure!

If you need a smart, keen-eyed friend, Bellzi’s Griffi is the perfect plushie for you.

3. Griffins love jewels. 

In mythology, Griffins are guardians of gold and jewels, protectors of rare gems, and guardians of ancient relics. They protect their land from intruders who would harm its beauty or steal its riches. Griffins have a knack for finding treasures that others overlook: they love shiny things like gems and crystals, but they also have a soft spot for anything cute (like Bellzi®).

If you love shiny objects, or have many treasures to protect, Bellzi’s Griffi is a perfect plush companion. 

4. In ancient times, Griffins were seen as guardians of divine power.

Ancient mythology tells us that Griffins were powerful, celestial protectors of immense divine strength.  The griffin was also thought to be able to protect humans from evil spirits. In fact, some people believe that keeping an image of a Griffin could help you keep your home safe from ghosts or other unwanted creatures!

If you’d like to keep your home supernatural spirit free, Griffi might help. 

5. Harry Potter's house, Gryffindor, is named for Griffins

Gryffindor's mascot is the Griffin. The house was named after Godric Gryffindor who had an affinity for this symbol. He chose it because he felt that his power was like that of a Griffin: strong and brave at times, but also vulnerable at others.

If your house is Gryffindor, you need to get the Griffi plushie from Bellzi immediately. If you’re Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin, he’s still pretty cute. 

6. In heraldry, Griffin stands for courage, leadership, and strength.

Griffin is a mythological creature with the body of a lion and the wings of an eagle. In heraldry, Griffin stands for courage, leadership, and strength. It also symbolizes vigilance over one's possessions and protection from evil spirits.

If you love knights in shining armor or need a little reminder to stay courageous, Bellzi’s Griffi will step up. 


Griffins are a beautiful symbol of courage, strength, and protection. They have been used in art and architecture for centuries as a symbol of guardian angels looking out for us. Who wouldn’t want someone so noble and brave as a plushie companion as Griffi from Bellzi.
Written by Seema Rao

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