Update 1.19.2021

Patchi is here!! Shipping notification will be sent out as soon as Patchi ships out. Thank you for everyone's patience. There is a surprise gift included with all Patchi orders.

— Bellzi Team

Dear Friends

My last few stitches are almost done, but due to my unfortunate self, shipping delays will prevent me from reaching you before Christmas.

just wanted you to know that I will be with you soon, just not as soon as I wish to be. I promise I will safely reach you, so I hope you stay safe as well.

See you soon~

— Patchi


Once upon a time, there was a lonely Teddi named Patchi, unloved by all, and even abandoned by his caretaker.

Overwhelmed by sadness, Patchi shut himself away from the world, his body withering away, leaving a tattered shell. Patchi tried to cover up the missing parts with whatever he could find and developed a love for sweets to fill the void in his heart.

On the rare occasion that Patchi ventured outside, he did his best to help those in need, but he was only met with fear and derision.

Will you be the one to heal Patchi's heart?


Pre-orders will start shipping
in early December, 2020

Available for a
limited time only

Enjoy our 1st limited
edition plush!

What's Included?

A Special Pouch Bag

Patchi The Patch Bear

A Cute Tiny Patchi Pin