The Sami Blush

Welcome to the enchanting world of Bellzi, a place where the delightful blend of coziness and adorableness is embodied in every creation! Meet Bellzi's Sami, the Siamese Plush – more than just a plush toy, Sami is a fountain of joy, offering warmth and smiles to everyone who holds it. This captivating Siamese plush, with its charming design, wins over hearts and sparks imaginations far and wide.

Don't just take our word for it, discover the lovely new homes Sami has been welcomed into! We're celebrating the joy and positive impact Sami brings to families everywhere. You might even notice Sami blushing with delight from all the love and affection received!


Sami at Home

Sami enjoys adventures both indoors and outdoors, but there are times when all you want is to snuggle up and enjoy a movie with Sami. How about a classic cat-themed film? Perhaps Aristocats?



"Teaching my Chibi friend how to become an expert couch potato. It's an art." @truff.truff



"These are the cutest stuffed animals everrr! Check out their insta and websites!" - @fiona.graham18

"Got this baby"

- @angel_that.furry 




Sami Outdoors

When Sami steps out for an adventure, it's always a time to remember! Take a look at some of Sami's outdoor escapades – they're simply enviable.

Sami is a plush that adores spending time with loved ones, especially in the great outdoors. Nothing compares to a delightful snack and some fresh air on a sunny day. Picnics are among Sami's all-time favorite activities!




Sami is one who LOVES spending time with friends and family, especially in the fresh air!


Nothing beats a sweet treat and delicious fish on a nice sunny day. Picnics are one of Sami's favorite things!


Ready to Adopt a Siamese Cat?

While adopting a real Siamese might be a big commitment, Sami the Siamese Plush is just the right size for any home.

Sami has had incredible adventures and made numerous friends, along with other beloved Bellzi plushies! If you're looking to bring home your very own Sami, we've got you covered: Sami is available in Mini, Regular, and Giant sizes!

Written by Jenny Zheng

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