The Bronti Blush

Welcome to the charming world of Bellzi, where comfort meets cuteness in every stitch! Bellzi's Bronti, is not just a plushie; it's a bundle of joy that brings warmth and smiles to everyone who embraces it. This delightful brontosaurus plushie, with its endearing design captures hearts and imaginations alike. 

Don't just take our word for it, check out all the wonderful new homes Bronti has found so far! This is our time to celebrate all our Bronti and the positive changes they bring to families everywhere, you'll even notice Bronti is blushing from all the positive attention and support!


Bronti at Home

Bronti spends a lot of time both at home and out exploring, but sometimes you just want to settle down and watch a movie with Bronti. Jurassic World, anyone?



"The cutest little fellow I ever did see 🥰 Mr. Bronti came over Independence Day weekend with only a two day delay. While I was impatient to meet the little guy, I completely understand holiday weekends are busy times.

Bronti himself:
1) Adorable — like melt-your-heart-cute.
2) So soft, baby blanket tier.
3) Excellent quality. Firm with tight seams and exactly as portrayed in the website’s photo.
4) Endearing. I mean, just look at that face!!!
To sum it up, I couldn’t be any happier with Bronti and am anxiously awaiting gifting him to my friend."
Thank you, Bellzi!!!
-Gab :) 


"Watching fallen kingdom for the first time with a couple of cute lil dinosaurs   😂 I'm clearly an adult" - @drinkyouroxygen

"when will my reflection show who i am inside? 🌸"

- @brontiandseri 


"Brisket the Brontosaurus and Tri-tip the Triceratops have a long day ahead to make vegetarian #panangcurry from scratch using the recipe from @hotthaikitchen . It's a labor intensive dish, so they're putting aside their friendly competition for now to work together!"
- @chef.dinosaur 


Bronti Outdoors

When Bronti goes on vacation, Bronti GOES on vacation! Check out some of Bronti's adventures, it's hard not to be jealous.


A great companion for someone in their mid 20s, also very photogenic."
- Sabrinna F. 

"Brisket the Brontosaurus, Princess Steak the Stegosaurus, and Tri-tip the Triceratops loved their road trip! Yosemite only lets in a limited number of parties, so we're happy we got a permit and enjoyed safer, less crowded park fueled by some delicious home cooked meals!" 

- @chef.dinosaur 


Ready to Adopt a Brontosaurus?

Well, maybe not a real Brontosaurus, they're quite large! But Bronti the Brontosaurus is available in multiple sizes to fit your household needs.

Bronti has been on some amazing adventures and made many new friends, along with a few other notable Bellzi! If you're interested in adopting your very own Bronti, we can help: Bronti is available in Mini, Regular, and Giant sizes!

Written by Jenny Zheng

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