How to Display Stuffed Animals & Plushies

Whether you’ve got a robust collection of plushies that you’re ready to proudly display, or you’re just beginning your collection, we are here to help by sharing our favorite tips on how to display plushies. For those of us who adore our plushie friends, there's a certain magic in seeing them all together, each unique character adding to a delightful display of comfort and joy. However, displaying stuffed animals can be an art in itself. So, let's dive into the exciting world of stuffed animal collection display ideas and explore how to turn your beloved plushies into a beautiful, personal display.

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Step 1: Display Shelves for Collectibles

A classic yet effective way to display your stuffed animals for adults and children alike is by using display shelves. These can be simple bookshelves, floating shelves, or specialized display shelves for collectibles. Arrange your plushies by size, color, theme, or however you like, and voila! You have a captivating plushie display that adds charm to any room.


Step 2: Hammock Style Display

How about a plushie hammock? Not only does this offer a creative stuffed animal display idea, but it's also a wonderful space saver. Your plush friends will look like they are taking a relaxing snooze on a tropical beach in paradise! A hammock can hold several plushies and serves as a fun, unique way to showcase your beloved collection. Plus, it gives your room a touch of playful whimsy. 


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Step 3: Dedicated Plushie Corner

If you have a spare corner in your room, why not turn it into a plushie paradise? It could be a reading nook, a plushie castle, or even a plushie-themed picnic spot. This idea allows for creativity and versatility in how to display a stuffed animal collection, bringing your plushie world to life. Empower yourself to get creative and showcase your personality. It’s your space after all! Whether you thrift creative pieces of furniture or create an imaginative set out of cardboard and art supplies, DIY-ing your plushie display is also a renter-friendly way to showcase your favorite friends.


Step 4: Cube Organizers

Cube organizers provide another versatile option for displaying stuffed animals. Each cubby can house one or more plushies, depending on their size, creating a neatly organized plushie display. You can group them by species, color, or even by their stories!

 Using decorative baskets to arrange plushies.

Featured: Mooi, Ponni, Piggy

Step 5: Use Decorative Baskets

Decorative baskets are a stylish way to display stuffed animals. They're especially useful if your collection is continually growing - simply get another basket when you need more space. They offer easy access for cuddle time and can be easily placed in different rooms to spread the plushie love. This is also a great way to keep your plushies away from pets!


Step 6: Use Glass Front Cabinets

For a more refined and protective approach, consider a glass-front cabinet. This is a fantastic way to display plushies while also protecting them from dust. Your adorable Bellzi® friends become an elegant showcase, perfect for the avid collector.

Remember, displaying stuffed animals is not just about storage; it's about celebrating your love for your plushie pals. Whether you opt for display shelves for collectibles, creative hammocks, or a dedicated plushie corner, it's all about bringing your personal style to the forefront.

Enjoy the process of arranging and rearranging your collection. Each setup can tell a new story, spark a new adventure, and share the joy of your stuffed animal collection with everyone who sees it. Here's to the delightful journey of displaying your plushies and the endless fun it brings!

Written by Jenny Zheng

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