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Your Bellzi plushie will be gift-ready in moments with our lovely Valentine Bow! Made of luxuriously ribbed fabric, this pretty-in-pink decoration features an elegant “Bellzi” logo embroidered in white, a simple clasp for ease of use, and fully adjustable straps for small and large size plushies - all encased inside a festive, cardstock envelope to maintain its beautiful shape. This Valentine’s Day, add a special touch that will make your Valentine smile and your Bellzi buddy even more adorable. Who knew that was even possible?

  • Satiny ribbed fabric in blush pink with white embroidery
  • Dimension:  width 0.47" / length 6"-10"
  • Fit Plushies:  Bronti, Steggi, Terri, Tigeri, Monki (Sitting), Foxxi, Racooni (Setting), Lioni, Torti, Draggi, Wyveri, Wormi.

Important Notice: 

  • The bow size is mainly for Regular size plushies.
  • We offer two sizes of Bow. Please read through the descriptions and make sure that you buy the right size you need. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews

    I had to redo the stitching on this one because it was not sewn properly when I got it. Other than that I still give the company five stars. Hopefully you guys will improve the quality of your sewing and slow down to make sure the plushies and bows are securely stitched together. Please and thank you. I appreciate the work you do. Nothing wrong with taking it slow and making sure the stitches are right the first time and are secure.

    It's cute

    The bow itself is really nice. The fit is a little awkward on some of the stuffies but still very cute

    Beautiful Bow

    This bow is adorable and fits my dinosaurs well. It’s super easy to adjust and makes them look so dapper.

    Jamie Stashek
    Good Company. Good People.

    I will say that I had a problem with the quality of the initial bow we recieved. Due to my son's attachment to it tho, I wrongly assumed it would go unresolved. The Belzi Team took it upon themselves to make sure that I was as satisfied as my boy is.
    And, given the way I reacted to the situation, they went out of their way for me.

    Really pretty

    Well made, adorable on plushies.

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