Sea Creature Plushies Mystery Bag

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Looking for a fun and unique way to surprise someone special? Or maybe you just can't decide which of our adorably stuffed animals to bring home for yourself! Either way, our Sea Creature Plushies Mystery Bag is the perfect solution.

You'll receive a regular size plush, lanyard and one enamel pins, all chosen at random from our store. With a value of over $50, this is a great deal on some of our most popular items! And since the contents are chosen at random, it's the perfect way to add a little excitement and mystery to your life.

All Mystery Bag sales are final, so please choose carefully. And sorry, no customizations - that would ruin the surprise!

Item includes:

  • 1 mystery regular size Sea Creature plush
  • 1 mystery lanyard
  • 1 mystery enamel pins
  • 1 special Bellzi character collector's coin (Limited Time)

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Wyatt
Sea Creature Plushie Mystery Bag

I was very excited to get the Sea Creature Plushi mystery bag. The items contained were great. I don’t want to say what I got and spoil the surprise for anyone else. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because one of the items has a small hole in the face. I have reached out to Bellzi about this and I am waiting to see what they say. That being said, I know these things happen and it has not discouraged me from ordering more plushies from Bellzi in the future.

Michele Finn
They’re soft and cute

They’re soft and cute but I thought they would be regular sized instead of medium and small. Maybe I missed that in the print somewhere?

The Cutest and Softest Plushies

We love these plushies and our entire mystery bag! Everyone wants to squeeze our Narwhal and my daughter takes Sharki everywhere! We also got a lanyard and pins with cool characters! Now we want them all!

alden M marino

Sea Creature Plushies Mystery Bag

Joshe Cheatwood
Adorable and Perfect!

Love this bundle! Got a lanyard and pins from the last event! I split the package with my sister, since she's going away to college and she loves the lanyard and mini plushie, she got the little blue narwhal.

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