Bellzi Mystery Bag

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Looking for a fun and unique way to surprise someone special or add to your collection of cute stuffed animals? Our Bellzi Plush Blind Bag is the perfect solution for both! Whether you're a collector or just want a delightful surprise, our blind bag offers a thrilling experience.

Inside the blind bag, you'll discover one mystery regular size Bellzi plush, one mystery mini size Bellzi plush, one mystery lanyard, and one mystery enamel pin, all carefully chosen at random from our store. These blind bags offer incredible value, with contents worth up to $70, and they feature some of our most popular Bellzi plushies! The randomness of the selection adds an element of excitement and mystery to your plush collection.

Please note that all Blind Bag sales are final to maintain the surprise factor. We don't offer customizations because it's all about the thrill of the blind bag reveal!

Here's what you'll find inside:

Item includes:

  • 1 mystery regular size plush
  • 1 mystery mini size plush
  • 1 mystery lanyard
  • 1 mystery enamel pins

Get ready for a surprise adventure with our Bellzi Plush Blind Bag!

Customer Reviews

Based on 160 reviews

I got this one before and I didn't get any repeats. I love this mystery box because it is so so so worth the money. My box was worth about $75 and it's so fun

Thomas Wyatt
Bellzi Mystery Bag

This was a great mystery bag. Very adorable critters in this bag. 1 critter came with a defect and Bellzi was very quick to make the issue right for me. I was very happy with the service and all the critters as usual

2nd Purchase.

I love these mystery boxes, this was the second time I purchased one after two and a half years. My first pair of animals are well loved but still in good condition, and I absolutely love the collector's coin that came with this box! I love these and definitely recommend them

So cute

Every time I order something from here it's always so cute! 10/10 would buy again


A great value for the indecisive! I got a big Bellzi and a small one, enameled pin, commemorative coin and a lanyard! I love it!

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