Mini Parri the Parrot

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Introducing Parri, your new avian companion from the creative universe of Bellzi®. Parri the Parrot shows up when you least expect them! Once these brightly-colored Birds appear, they will keep talking and asking questions until you interrupt them. Parri the Parrots also love keeping their feathers prim and proper, and prefer to be called "Madam" or "Sir" to match to their dignified appearance so keep that in mind when adding this quirky friend to your collection!

This parrot stuffed animal is a charming addition to any plushie assortment and an absolute treasure for parrot and bird lovers. Intricately crafted with meticulous detail, Parri is swiftly becoming the favorite parrot plush toy among both young ones and the young at heart.

Parri is ready to bring endless joy and companionship, from nighttime whispers to daylight adventures, or even a peaceful siesta under a shady tree. This alluring love bird plush toy exudes a soft, calming presence that's just perfect for cuddling up with at the end of a long day.

Parri displays a vivid plumage of bright and cheerful colors that replicates the stunning appearance of a real parrot. Its expressive, wide-eyed look invites imaginative play and storytelling, while the irresistibly soft, premium plush fabric is perfect for snuggles and hugs.

The Mini Parri is the ideal cuddle partner for kids and adults alike - easy for little hands to grasp and hold and just the right size for collecting. With its sturdy, robust design, this parrot stuffed animal can withstand the most adventurous of playtimes while retaining its lovely softness.

Our Parri is not just a toy, but a faithful friend that’s always there to offer a comforting hug and a companion for imaginative escapades. Bring this delightful mini parrot stuffed animal home today, and infuse every day with a dash of fun and a wave of warmth.

Size: 3" Width x 5" Height

★ Premium quality stuffed animal
★ Red plush coat with electric blue & yellow wings
★ Kawaii plushie with unique character design
★ Allergen-free, ultra-soft synthetic fur coat
★ Clump-resistant, high-density polyester stuffing
★ Reinforced stitching with plastic eyes and nose
★ Safe for infants and children of all ages

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews

    Poor quality and poor customer service with a 30 day return policy even if the sewing comes out after a few months with very little use. I have purchased quite a few of these and will never order from again as offering a customer 20% off a new order is ludicrous when your product falls apart at the seams.

    Cuter Than Advertised!

    I actually purchased this parrot at the store, and I have to say, there is a difference. If I were to chose a plush online, I probably wouldn't have picked this one because the pictures don't do it justice, my Parri's beak is a bit thinner and more curved, which makes Parri so cute! I highly recommend this plush, and I am happy to add a splash of color to the collection.

    Brianna Gilley
    Love it

    the cutest thing ever. It was smaller than I expected but it made it even better.

    Cutest bird ever to exist on la planet

    It’s so cute I can’t take it. I made a mini house for it and I made a crown for it. Thankfully it got here fast for my birthday.

    Adriel Bisetti
    High quality

    Very high quality, I really like this plush. It’s very cute and I might have to buy more! They’re very good for cuddling even if their small too!

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