Mini Owli the Barn Owl

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Owli the Barn Owl are misunderstood Bellzi. When others see an Owli staring into the distance, they commonly believe the Owli is pondering the mysteries of the universe or some other philosophical question. However, Owli are usually just thinking about what their next meal is going to be.

  • Premium quality barn owl stuffed animal
  • Brown & white plush coat with multi-colored wings
  • Kawaii plushie with unique character design
  • Bellzi's signature embroidery crest
  • Allergen-free, ultra-soft synthetic fur coat
  • Clump-resistant, high-density polyester stuffing
  • Reinforced stitching with plastic eyes and nose
  • Safe for infants and children of all ages
  • Standing Size: 3" Width x 4" Height

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Awesome Owli

Owli is a great addition to my owl collection. My company's logo is an owl so I try to collect owls when I see them. Owli is soft and very cute. I am surprised by how large Owli is for a mini. The duck and chicken birds seem better proportionate then the rest of the bird collection. They are a little boxy, but I still love them. They are such great quality.

kemmy platts

Love it. It could be more sturdy tho, hard to stand

So adorable!

Owli is very cute and sweet. It's so soft. It is of great quality. I'm very happy to have it as apart of my Bellzi collection. Thanks so much.

So cute!!

My boyfriend has always wanted an owl and so I had to get this for him! It's so much cuter than I thought, and now I might need to get one for myself!!

Carolyne Castaneda
Adorable owl

I love the owl plushie so cute and soft!

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