Mini Wyveri the Wyvern

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Wyveri the Wyvern is a truly a sight to behold. A close friend of Draggi the Dragon, this two-legged winged creature takes great pride in their smooth violet scales and deeply magical wisdom. You can find Wyveri flying high over the land of Bellzi, a sparkle of purple in the sky...and then they're gone! Bring home this mystical yet lovable fantasy friend, Wyveri the Wyvern, and soar to greater heights.

Size: Length 4.5" x Depth 7.5" x Height 6.5" (Wing Length: 3.5")

★ The coat is made from a very soft manmade synthetic fiber 
★ Stuffed with 100% premium non bunch polyester filling 
★ High-Quality Stitching 
★ Good for all ages

Customer Reviews

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I am definitely a fan of mythical creature, so this was a no brainer for me. The colors on this plush are great, and I definitely like the blue. I also really like the fin on the top of his head, and here is an FYI for those who are looking to purchase one: The front arms are posable with wire, which is also a bonus, and gives the Wyvern some support to stand.

Kari Holston
Perfect bookwyrm!

This little guy is the perfect size to protect my book hoard. 😆 He sits on my fantasy bookshelf and guards the treasure from thieves. 😉 Super cute and well made!

No Name
SO soft!

This little guy is so soft and cute, but with a few loose threads.

Jay Kaskowitz
Very cute!

Wyveri is a VERY cute plushie and has posable front wings. The stitching is good and the fur is SUPER soft! Do not regret my purchase!

Cute even with defect.

I give this 5 stars for design and 3 for construction but together that's 4. Wyveri is very cute and lovable, so 10/10 recommend from that angle. They're also suuuper soft and the alignment of the fur is really nice. If only the stitching was consistent and lived up to the rest of it! It's just really frustrating and disappointing because it has sooo much going for it only to be let down by one of the most important parts of the construction.

The main defect is on one of the wings where the tip wasn't sewn properly, so it opened up. I'm not really bothered by it as--while it is noticeable-- it's not on an outward-facing part; what bothers me is the decorative stitching! It's really messy on the gills and parts of the wings. It's even more of a shame because the decorative stitching on the belly is top-notch!

I really want to buy a full-size Wyveri but this inconsistent stitching got me nervous. But they're so cute! Safe to say I'm torn. Anyways, I think the Bellzi team might benefit from a more thorough QA process or review for products going out.

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