The Homi-Box (Limited Quantity)

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Our Homi-Box is here to help you invoke that feeling of comfort and warmth with each and every item specifically designed to work for your home. We made sure to find out what was most important in order for you to sit down and relax, from a cozy blanket to cover up those cold toes, to a notebook to write down your memories. Lastly, to top it off, our newly designed Hedgi will be your companion to make sure you are finally “Homi”.


Box Size: Length 12.75" x Depth 10.4" x Height 11.6"

Inside Items:
- Regular Hedgi Plush x 1 (L6.5" x D6.5" x H9.5" )
- Mini Hedgi Plush x 1 (L4.5" x D4" x H6" )
- Memory Notebook Set x1 (L5.6" x D0.5" x H8.5" )
- Hedgi Desk Decor x1 (L5.25" x D1.8" x H3.65" )
- Sami Wood Container x1 (L5" x D4" x H5.5" )
- Deeri Pillow x1 (L11.75" x D11" x H4.75" )
- Hedgi Blanket x1 (L68.5" x D0.25" x H33" )

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
i loved it! hedgehogs for the win!!!

i have never purchased from this website but the moment i saw a dedicated box just for hedgehogs i had to get it. i loveee the scandinavian natural/cozy look you guys went for it. i also made an unboxing video because i couldnt contain my exciment :) not sponsored!!! YouTube video placeholder YouTube video placeholder
Betty Martinez
Bellzi Box

My daughter loved it. It was full of great quality products that are unique to the box. It made a great Christmas gift surprise!

Hilary K.
Great quality

First, the thought and design behind every bit of the box is amazing. It was a joy to unpack. Second, the quality of every item was absolutely astounding. The blanket and pillow are amazing, the phone holder is adorable (and sturdy!), the cat-tainer is wonderful, and the Hedgies are, of course, soft, squishable, and cuddly-as-all-get-out. Will definitely keep an eye out for future event boxes!

Prerna Satija
Love our Homi box

We just love our Homi box. The box itself is so beautiful and everything inside is so nicely packaged. Also the cushion and throw are very cute.

Jessica Lee
Super Cute Starter on Home Decor

The quality of the products are amazing and I love buying home decor with a matching theme. Each product was packaged with care to make sure it won't be damaged on the way. I am very happy about this purchase. :)

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