Giraffi the Giraffe

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Hello, animal lovers and plushie enthusiasts! Welcome to Bellzi, your paradise for the cutest and cuddliest companions. Prepare to be enchanted by Giraffi, our delightful giraffe plush, a friendly companion that's ready to bring a touch of safari charm and cozy cuddles into your life!

Bellzi's Giraffi is a unique star in our plush collection. With its tall neck, cute spots, and little ears, this giraffe stuffed animal is a loving friend that's ready to brighten your days and soften your nights. Lovingly crafted with the softest, high-quality materials, Giraffi is a plushie companion you'll cherish from the first cuddle!

Our Giraffi, designed with plush, huggable materials, is the perfect safari comfort buddy. Whether it's for a comforting cuddle session, a playful adventure, or a whimsical addition to your decor, Giraffi is ready to bring a dash of safari magic to your everyday life. With its irresistible design and comforting textures, this giraffe plush is prepared to add a touch of warmth to your days and nights.

Our Giraffi isn't just a giraffe plushie; it's a heartwarming companion ready to share in your life's wonderful moments. With its nurturing design, Giraffi is a timeless friend for all ages - ready to bring a dash of joy and a wave of comfort into your world.

Step into the safari adventure with our Giraffi, the adorable giraffe stuffed animal. Whether it's an enchanting gift for a loved one or a comforting friend for yourself, Giraffi is ready to share its savannah charm and warm cuddles.

Are you ready to welcome this captivating safari charm into your life? Adopt Giraffi today and let our endearing giraffe plushie bring a spark of joy and a mountain of cuddles to your life. 

Standing Size: Length 11" x Width 5" x Height 11.5" (Horns Length 2")

★ Premium quality giraffe stuffed animal
★ Spotted plush coat with little legs and a long neck
★ Kawaii plushie with unique character design
★ Bellzi's signature embroidery crest
★ Allergen-free, ultra-soft synthetic fur coat
★ Clump-resistant, high-density polyester stuffing
★ Reinforced stitching with plastic eyes and nose
★ Safe for infants and children of all ages

Customer Reviews

Based on 165 reviews

Great product- beautiful, soft, safe for a baby. Lucky enough to purchase during a promotion, so we got a beautiful little chick as well. Great company. Customer service was so helpful when I reached out with a question. I will most definitely add to my granddaughter’s collection!


I love my Graffiti the Giraffe 🦒 so much. Took a chance on Bellzi a company I had never heard about. Very fast shipping, packaged very well. I have already placed another order.


It's bigger than I thought it would be but super nice

Ariel Nedunuri
Sweet giraffe!

I bought this in anticipation of having my baby and it's actually bigger than I thought it would be, but I'm totally ok with that. I hope this stuffed animal will be a friend my child can grow up with.

Dominic Marble
she loves him!

i got him for my girlfriend because her favorite animal is a giraffe and she absolute loves him!

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