Draggi Event Box

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Draggi Event Box

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A wonderfully designed box put together by the entire design team here at Bellzi, with layers upon layers of items for you to discover. Let your adventurous self roam free with this limited event box, and don’t miss it or you  may be filled with regret later. So grab a box and enjoy the discoveries for you to uncover!

Important Notice:

- This box does NOT include the Mini Draggi. (Select Mini Draggi in the Drop Down Menu)
- Each Exclusive Wood Coaster may looks different based on its wood grain pattern.
- Most of the products can be bought separately after the event. (Exception: Exclusive Wood Coaster, Exclusive Enamel Pin)
- Coupon codes won't be valid for this product

Box Size: Length 13.75" x Depth 12.25" x Height 6.5"
Draggi Size: Length 6.5" x Depth 11.25" x Height 11.5" (Wing Length: 5.5")
Mini Dragi Size: Length 3.75" x Depth 6.75" x Height 7" (Wing Length: 3.25")

Inside Items:
- Exclusive Enamel Pin x 1
- Exclusive Wood Coaster x 1
- Draggi Mouse Pad x 1
- Draggi Washi Tape x 1
- Draggi Stickers (A pack of 3)
Draggi Folder x 1
- Draggi Lanyard x 1
Draggi Figure Keychain x 1
- Draggi Sticky Note x 1
- Draggi Enamel Pins x 3
- Mini Draggi x1 (If add-on is selected)

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Addie Gelhaus

It was a tough order but little drag go is loved

Steven Bodnar
Unsurpassed Quality & Cute

My wife was completely blown away by the quality, packaging, and cute contents of the Draggi Event Box! If any future Bellzi boxes are available, I will be definitely picking one up, and would definitely recommend buying one for your significant other!

Gage David
Love it!

I was very excited to get it and it lived up to it!

Bean Hart
This was a great gift!!

One of my friends wanted this and I got this for them and they LOVED it. They wear the pins everyday as well as the lanyard! They even put the stickers on their wallet :D


The box has so many great items and all of them is beautifully cultivated. And, Draggi is absolutely adorable. Needless to say, im very content with my purchase and its totally worth it!

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