Bellzi Mystery Bag

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Looking for a fun and unique way to surprise someone special? Or maybe you just can't decide which of our adorably stuffed animals to bring home for yourself! Either way, our Bellzi Plushies Mystery Bag is the perfect solution.

You'll receive a regular size plush, lanyard and one enamel pins, all chosen at random from our store. With a value of over $50, this is a great deal on some of our most popular items! And since the contents are chosen at random, it's the perfect way to add a little excitement and mystery to your life.

All Mystery Bag sales are final, so please choose carefully. And sorry, no customizations - that would ruin the surprise!

Item includes:

  • 1 mystery regular size plush
  • 1 mystery mini size plush
  • 1 mystery lanyard
  • 1 mystery enamel pins
  • 1 special Bellzi character collector's coin (Limited Time)

Customer Reviews

Based on 143 reviews
Cynthia Ford
These have some wins and some losses, of course.

I just got my third Mousi. Not that I mind so terribly, because Mousi is cute. But it does make me wary of getting another mystery bag that isn't sorted by animal selection.

Anqing Liu
Good stuff

Good stuff, we love it.

Love Bellzi!

I love the idea of mystery bags because I’m just way to indecisive especially when all the plushies are just too cute to be able to decide between! The pins, lanyard, and plushies are all adorable!!

Amanda M
So much fun!

It is always fun to open a mystery bag but is especially so when the items inside are so adorable. My 8 year old was absolutely thrilled with the plushies. Definitely a bit pricey for a mystery bag plushie but Bellzi makes it so worth the cost.

loved it!

the plushies, pins, and lanyards are very high quality! i will definitely be buying again!

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