Why doesn't Bellzi® Stuffed Animals have mouths?
Sometimes we just need a friend to listen and be there, our Bellzi® Plushie does just that!

Why is there an Embroidered Crest on the foot?
There is an Embroidered Bellzi® Crest because we are proud of stuffed animals, and we are a company that was started by artists so think of it like an authentication seal, and an artist signature. :)

Can I personalized my Bellzi® Plushie?
At this time we are not able to personalized any plush.

Can I Customize a Bellzi® Plush Color?
At this time we not able to customize a Bellzi Plush Color

Does Bellzi® Plushie come in larger sizes?
Yes! We have a large (30" inches) available for some animals, you can select them from the product page :) If you need any other sizes please feel free to contact us, we will see if we can make it happen :D

Does Bellzi® offer any discounts?
Yes! Go ahead and sign up for our newsletter to get the latest discounts!

Does Bellzi® characters have a story?
Yes! Our creative team is in the process of putting together a story line and drawing our cute characters :) If you have any ideas that you want to share, feel free to let us know. :D

Can I wash my Bellzi® Stuffed Animals in a Washing Machine?
We recommend surface wash and let it air dry.

Are Bellzi® Stuffed Animals Safe for Babies?
Yep! Our stuffed animals have been lab tested and is safe for ages 0+.

Where are Bellzi® stuffed animals made?
Most of our products are made in China.

I absolutely love Bellzi®! How can I help?
We are always excited to have people help! You can tell everyone you know about Bellzi® and how much you love it! We are always looking for more artworks of our characters and creative story lines to add. If you can help out in anyway that will be awesome!

If you have any other questions that is not listed here. Please feel free to Contact Us and let us know :)