Monki the Monkey

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BELLZI® DESIGN: Bellzi® animals are super soft, adorable, and unabashedly cute! Each of our characters is original designs, and is created with an ultra-premium, child-friendly, and high-density plush material for maximum softness, weight, and quality!

Size: Length 6.5 x Depth 6" x Height 10" (Ear 2.25"x4" / Tail 4")

★ The coat is made from a very soft manmade synthetic fiber
★ Stuffed with 100% premium none bunch polyester filling
★ Plastic Safety Eyes and Nose
★ High-Quality Stitching
★ Made for all ages

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Vivian C
Very Nice

I bought Monki for christmas along with a few others and she loves it

Sweet monki

Monki has by far the biggest head of all the bellzis! 😆💓 His head is way bigger than his body, I love it❣️ and the curly little tail, just a big ball of sweetness!

Susan Olivas
Super cute, well-made monkey

My daughter loves this plush monkey. He's not super soft - more firm than most, but we like it, and it seems very well made. Would recommend.

Sandy S
Perfect gift

I purchased Monki for my 7 year old niece. She loves it and has been carrying it around with her all day. It is so well made, super soft and cuddly. The perfect Christmas gift!

Mac Zigler
my bf loves him

got him for my bf he says “i love him very very much and he’s gotten me through some of the worst battles of my life”

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