I heard a tale…

That there lives a being whose sole purpose is to collect history and be its keeper. Up in a hidden place, it gazes upon the world like an overseer just simply watching, while collecting history in the form of books.  

No one truly knows how long this being has been there for, but one thing is for certain...he watches over the world with indifference, having no desire to meddle with the world. 

Many speak of his collections like if they were valuable treasure, but in fact, it is the treasure of the world that he collects. They range from simple songs sung by a farmer to paintings by kings.

Often mistaken to be the keeper of wealth, many have tried to find it, in hope of acquiring that fortune. However, he is no fool to the greed of the world, thus, by spreading numerous false rumors, he has discouraged many from trying.  

Will there ever be someone that can discover his whereabouts and be able to dive into his vast collection of historical wealth? 


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