Mini Narwhali the Narwhal (Blue)

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Embark on a marine adventure with Mini Narwhali, the charming blue narwhal stuffed animal designed to deliver a deluge of hugs and happiness! Perfect for those who are fascinated by the wonders of the ocean, this narwhal plushie is a spectacular addition to any collection, promising a tidal wave of joy and exciting underwater explorations right in your living room. Whether you are a marine lover or a plush enthusiast, Mini Narwhali is bound to become your go-to companion, enhancing your world with its aquatic charm.

Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Mini Narwhali, a stuffed animal narwhal that’s a beacon of coziness and a symbol of oceanic mysteries. It’s not just a plush; it’s your ticket to a world of marine marvels and cuddly comfort, making every moment an enchanting marine escapade. Every cuddle with Mini Narwhali is a journey to the depths of the ocean, uncovering the secrets of the sea and creating waves of happiness and delightful discoveries.

Don't let the opportunity to own this enchanting piece of the ocean drift away! Choosing Mini Narwhali means inviting a playful splash of adventure and a current of cuddles into your life. Dive deep into the sea of plush joy with this marvelous narwhal plushie, and let the marine magic begin!

Size: 4" Length x 3" Height

★ Premium quality blue narwhal stuffed animal
★ Kawaii plushie with unique character design
★ Bellzi's signature embroidery crest
★ Allergen-free, ultra-soft synthetic fur coat
★ Clump-resistant, high-density polyester stuffing
★ Reinforced stitching with plastic eyes and nose
★ Made for all ages

Customer Reviews

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Have the bigger version of this and can't wait to get the mini very soon.


Great quality


Amazing quality, soft, and adorable! Bought for my son. I have the regular size and they're both fantastic

Rachel Ray
Narwhal Review

The mini narwhal was a perfect small gift for someone as a comfort item. It’s very similar in size to the mini elephant, but I’d say a little smaller. It was very cute and seemed softer than other minis that I’ve bought for people in the past.

Sophia Hutchins
Mini Narwhal

I’m obsessed with them

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