Letters from Bellzi

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We’d like to start 2023 by sharing some of the hopes and dreams of our Bellzi stuffed animal family. Some of our plushies have stories to share today, plus you can get a look at their new year's resolution. All of the Bellzi family wanted to join us today, but we have a handful of friends we wanted to showcase. Check back throughout the year to hear stories about all of our animals. 

Also, this is an excellent opportunity for you to share your stories with us. We’d love to hear your dreams for 2023. Post a picture with your Bellzi plushie. Add a caption with your New Year's Resolution. Need a little inspiration? Here are Resolution letters from some of our Bellzi plushies. 

May Joy Reign

Octi has come out of their deep sea cave to visit us. Bellzi’s Octi isn’t a fan of the hustle and bustle of modern life; most brilliant beings aren’t. But this is one of those moments where they can share their dreams for the new year, so Octi is willing to join in on the fun. Octi’s hope is that we all spend more time this year looking out for joy. If you don’t look for the good, you often miss it. If you’re hoping for a bit more joy this year, Octi is the perfect stuffed animal to add to your collection. 

Be Game for Anything

Rexxi might seem terrifying–look at those teeth! T. Rexes are often seen as the biggest terrors of Cretaceous North America, but Bellzi’s Rexxi is a pushover. He revels in playful moments with friends. While playing ball isn’t easy with those tiny arms, he’ll give any game a try. For 2023, he’s challenging us all to be game for anything. If you’re hoping to try new things, even if they’re hard, Rexxi’s the plushie for you. 

Be Yourself, Even if That Means Being By Yourself

Sting rays can pack a wallop with their tails, but only if you attack. Otherwise, they’ll mind their own business. Bellzi’s Stingi’s hope for 2023 is that shy people can have a little space. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to be the main character. If you’re happier spending time on your own, Stingi is your perfect plushie. 

Honesty is a Virtue

Being a Jurassic giant, Bronti is often misunderstood. But, Bronti is a pacifist–they're vegetarian after all. Bellzi’s Bronti is hoping more people see the value in honesty this year. It’s easy to fudge the details or tell a white lie, but is it worth it? If you value honesty as the highest value, Bronti is the plushie you can trust. 

Laughter is the Best Medicine

The seas can be a playland–that is if you’re a seal. Bellzi’s Seali loves to be the center of attention, playing it up for a crowd. And, if the attention is off, Seali has no problem playing pranks–all in good fun, of course. Seali is hoping there is more laughter for all in 2023. If you want more humor in your life, Seali is the plushie you need. 

Written by Seema Rao

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