5 Bellzi Friends You Need for Your Summer Beach Trip

Summer is right around the corner and nothing says vacation quite like sun, sand, surf! If you’re planning a seaside getaway, you can make your trip even better by taking a plush friend with you. Whether you’ve got a long car ride and you’re looking for a cuddly passenger or you’re right by the beach, but want a plushie to snuggle up with by the fire after a long day of swimming, our Sea Plushie Collection will get you in the vacation spirit! Keep reading to explore a few of our favorites from the collection. 

Stingi the Stingray

Did you know that stingrays are related to sharks? It’s true! They are both classified as elasmobranchs, which is a subclass of fish that have cartilage throughout their bodies instead of bones. Stingrays also live in the shallow water near the shore, so Stingi the Stingray will help serve as a reminder to do the “stingray shuffle” when you enter the ocean to avoid upsetting our pancake-flat friends. Stingi also comes with a friendly smile on one side to remind you that there’s no need to be afraid of these shy creatures. 

Sharki the Great White Shark

If you’re looking for a more formidable friend, Sharki the Great White Shark might do the trick! Sharki features gills, pectoral fins, a lifelike dorsal fin, and those classic dark and round shark eyes. Why do shark eyes appear so dark? Well, from a distance they might, but an up close look in the proper lighting will reveal that they are actually blue! However, we would recommend sticking to gazing into plush sharks’ eyes instead of real ones, unless you’re going shark diving with a professional, of course. 

Dolphi the Dolphin

If you love body surfing and frolicing among the waves, Dolphi the Dolphin might be a good companion for you. Dolphins actually love riding the waves too! If you’re lucky, you might spot a pod of dolphins playing in the surf. The best time to spot them is in the morning or in the late afternoon when they are most active. This is also usually when there’s less human activity in the water too. So keep your eyes peeled while you're at the beach and then give Dolphi a squeeze and tell them all about it when you get back home for the day. 

Octi the Octopus

When you’re packing for a vacation, it may feel like you’re juggling a million things and struggling to remember everything on your list. In times like these, we’d recommend channeling your inner Octopus! With eight arms, octopi are great multitaskers and are also highly intelligent. Any obstacle, whether it’s opening a peanut butter jar or squeezing through tight places, the octopus can overcome. Our friendly plushie, Oci the Octopus can help you remember to stay calm. Just give this cuddly cephalopod a squeeze and keep juggling because soon enough you’ll be relaxing by the beach. 

Mini Orki the Orca

Our minis are great for small hands or fitting into luggage when packing for vacation and our Mini Orki the Orca is no exception! Whether you’re planning a trip to the aquarium or heading to soak up some sun by the sea, Orki makes a great companion for all ages. They may be known as Killer Whales, but Orcas are actually a member of the dolphin family! (Both orcas and dolphins are classified as odontocetes, marine mammals with teeth.) Orcas actually got the name “Killer Whale'' when ancient sailors saw them preying on larger whales! But don’t worry, Orki won’t bite. 

Let Us Surprise You!

Feeling as mysterious as the deep blue sea? Opt for our Sea Creature Plushies Mystery Bag! We get it – choosing a favorite plushie can be tricky! Each mystery bag includes: 

  • 1 random sea creature plush
  • 1 random small plush
  • 1 random keychain or lanyard
  • 2 random enamel pins

With so many adorable options to choose from, you’re sure to love each item in your mystery bag. You can even wait to open your mystery bag until you arrive at your seaside destination to enhance the anticipation and excitement of your arrival. 

Which Sea Creature Makes Your Heart Swell?

We love cuddling up with our plushies almost as much as we love seeing which ones you choose! So tell us, are you going to be adding one of the sea creature plushies to your collection this summer? Share with us by tagging us on Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, or Twitter. Want to join the conversation and talk all things plushies in real time? We’d love to have you join our Discord server! If you have any questions about our plushies, need help with an order, or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to hear from you!
Written by Collin Phillips

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