Mini Monki the Monkey

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BELLZI® DESIGN: Bellzi® animals are super soft, adorable, and unabashedly cute! Each of our characters are original designs, and are created with an ultra-premium, child-friendly, and high-density plush material for maximum softness, weight, and quality!

★ Coat is made from very soft synthetic fiber
★ Stuffed with 100% premium none bunch polyester filling
★ Plastic safety eyes and nose
★ High quality stitching
★ Made for all ages

    Customer Reviews

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    Xiomara Francisco

    Gave this 2 my brother as a gift while in vacation its absolutely amazing and cute. He loved it sm💖
    I Have a lil Kangi and would probably buy more here :3

    As cute as the regular Monki

    I bought the regular Monki for a sibling who loves monkeys and turtles and had suggested a mini Monki would be a cute addition to the Bellzi collection and was pleasantly surprised to see a mini Monki had been added. I bought one for Christmas 23 and know she will love it as much as the original Monki and share it with her classes as a "stuffie" of the week. It's very cute, soft, and well made!

    Gabriela Berrios
    Little bundle of joy

    He brings me so much joy and hes so silly i love you monki

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