Hedgi the Hedgehog

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Welcome to a world of cuteness, comfort, and companionship with Hedgi, your new favorite hedgehog stuffed animal! Crafted with love and affection by Bellzi, this adorable plushie will steal your heart and bring endless joy to your everyday moments.

Hedgi the Hedgehog has a knack for safety, making his life delightfully...ordinary. One charming trait of Hedgi is his uncomplicated way of thinking, which maintains his exceptionally comfortable lifestyle. When you're beside Hedgi, an unmistakable sense of relaxation simply washes over you.

From its endearing smile to its soft, cuddly shape, Bellzi's hedgehog plush is an irresistible addition to your plushie collection. The playful design beautifully captures the whimsical charm of real hedgehogs while offering a cuddly, huggable version for your comfort. Hedgi's fluffy, plush exterior and squishy body make it perfect for cuddles anytime, anywhere.

Whether you're a kiddo seeking a new favorite playmate, an adult looking for a sweet home décor, or a gift-giver in search of the perfect present, Hedgi is the hedgehog stuffed animal for you! Safe, soft, and bursting with personality, Hedgi appeals to both the young and young-at-heart alike.

Bellzi's hedgehog plushie isn't just a toy; it's a comfort companion that brings warmth, joy, and companionship to any setting. It's the perfect friend to hug after a long day, a soft pillow for afternoon naps, or a whimsical companion for imaginative adventures.

Embrace a world of cuteness with Hedgi today and let this charming hedgehog plushie fill your heart and home with joy. Because at Bellzi, we believe in more than just creating adorable plushies; we create companions that will last a lifetime.

Size: Length 6.5" x Depth 6.5" x Height 9.5"

★ The coat is made from a very soft manmade synthetic fiber
★ Stuffed with 100% premium none bunch polyester filling
★ Plastic Safety Eyes and Nose
★ High Quality Stitching
★ Made for all ages

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Christian Gerbers

Very soft and cuddly, wouldn’t buy stuffed animals anywhere else.

Justin S
Hedgi makes a great gift! Customer service very helpful!

I ordered Hedgi a few weeks ago as a gift for my gf who is returning from a work trip in Washington D.C. and wanted her to come home to a nice surprise. Initially ordered Hedgi - but then decided to add the mini Hedgi and Hedgi Blanket after I had placed my order. I called customer service and received friendly, helpful customer care from a representative who was able to cancel my initial order (of just Hedgi) and help me place a new order for Hedgi, Mini Hedgi and the Hedgi Blanket. I had received a promo code by email, which was enticing, and the shipping turned out to be lightning fast. She thought Hedgi what is the cutest thing ever and loved his little marshmallow paws. The quality was unsurpassed, the animals are as cute as can be, and I will definitely be ordering Bellzi gifts for her in the future. I hope this was helpful, best wishes to everyone at the Bellzi team!

So cute!

It’s adorable. When do you guys make a jumbo version?


I bought one from a store in Kansas. It was super soft and cute! I also saw a lot more of your products at other stores.

Mindy O
Sweet Gift

Hedgi was the perfect gift for my hedgehog-loving daughter. He proudly sits on her bed and I have found her often sitting and just cuddling him. Adorable and soft!

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