Bii the Bee

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Meet Bii the Bee, a charming plush companion that buzzes with boundless energy and sweetness. This bee stuffed animal’s story begins in a bustling garden, where it diligently flutters from flower to flower, spreading joy and collecting nectar. Adorned with distinct yellow and black stripes, Bii quickly earned a cherished place in the garden community.

Bii's friendly nature and gentle hum endeared it to the other garden denizens. Its pollinating adventures not only nurtured the flowers but also fostered harmony in the garden.

Now, Bii the Bee is ready to share its warmth and positivity with you. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a fan of these remarkable insects, or simply seeking a companion, this delightful bee plush is here to bring a touch of the garden's magic into your life. With its soft, huggable body and adorable appearance, this bumble bee plush is the perfect addition to any hug or collection.

Bring home Bii the Bee today and let its cheerful presence brighten your world like a sunny day in the garden.

Size: Length 10.5" x Depth 7" x Height 6"

★ The coat is made from a very soft manmade synthetic fiber
★ Stuffed with 100% premium none bunch polyester filling
★ Plastic Safety Eyes and Nose
★ High-Quality Stitching
★ Made for all ages

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

Poor quality and poor customer service with a 30 day return policy even if the sewing comes out after a few months with very little use. I have purchased quite a few of these and will never order from again as offering a customer 20% off a new order is ludicrous when your product falls apart at the seams.

Happy bee!

A nice quality bee!

Slim Shady
Super cute

My bee is so cute, it looks like it's figuring out life yet doesn't have any braincells


Bii, is too cute and a very good size! So happy I got them!!

Enchanting Bii

Such a wonderful cuddly toy. My niece loves her.

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