The Homi-Box (Limited Quantity)

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Our Homi-Box is here to help you invoke that feeling of comfort and warmth with each and every item specifically designed to work for your home. We made sure to find out what was most important in order for you to sit down and relax, from a cozy blanket to cover up those cold toes, to a notebook to write down your memories. Lastly, to top it off, our newly designed Hedgi will be your companion to make sure you are finally “Homi”.


Box Size: Length 12.75" x Depth 10.4" x Height 11.6"

Inside Items:
- Regular Hedgi Plush x 1 (L6.5" x D6.5" x H9.5" )
- Mini Hedgi Plush x 1 (L4.5" x D4" x H6" )
- Memory Notebook Set x1 (L5.6" x D0.5" x H8.5" )
- Hedgi Desk Decor x1 (L5.25" x D1.8" x H3.65" )
- Sami Wood Container x1 (L5" x D4" x H5.5" )
- Deeri Pillow x1 (L11.75" x D11" x H4.75" )
- Hedgi Blanket x1 (L68.5" x D0.25" x H33" )

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Wyatt
Homi Box

I had looked at this box for a while trying to decide if I wanted to purchase it. I finally pulled the trigger on it and I am so glad I did. The quality of all the items as well as the box itself are exceptional. I was blown away by how much nicer it was in person than in the pictures. Everything was packaged very well and protected so that nothing got damaged in shipping. The box itself is an amazing display piece and the plushies were the same great quality I have come to expect from Bellzi. If you have not ordered one, do so before they run out. You will not regret it.

Thomas Wyatt
So Many Great Items in One Cute Box!

This is one of those gifts that keeps giving!! The wooden box itself is absolutely beautiful and quality made. The blanket and pillow are amazingly soft and cozy! The stuffed critters are so cute and cuddly it’s hard to put any of them down!! Wonderful treat for someone feeling under the weather or just a surprise treat on a random day!! Absolutely worth the money and more!!! Very nicely packaged and each item was individually boxed/packaged within the box also so it’s like opening one surprise after another! I love love love it!!!

So exciting to open!

Few things can really make me feel like a kid again, while managing to also support that I'm an adult! The soft plushes are so cute it's almost painful, as is the usual for Bellzi - but the quality of the box was so nice! Even the packaging the items all came in was individually unique, and pained me to throw away! The way the hedgie phone holder was in a box that folded up to look like a bed in a bedroom, with a moon in the 3D window?? This box was an absolute joy to open, and just FEELS like a passion project for the team - it feels like as much joy went into planning this box and each individual piece... it's so worth the money. There was even an extra little surprise 'gift' in the box that I was stoked to find! And THAT came in its own little 3D type of box, as well! From the quality of the products, to the love and time and effort spent on every piece of paper, fabric, and wood... this is one of the best purchases I've made in a long while.

Indulge your inner child a little! Besides... it's cute AND practical!

The Perfect Gift

This was a Valentine's gift to a hedgehog-lover. We were delighted at two hedgis, but also struck by the quality of everything involved--even down to the packaging. We made the opening an occasion, and took our time. Each object now has places, and the coziness is palpable. It was our first time with something like this limited run, but we couldn't have been happier. Bellzi did a great job. If you are on the fence, just go for it and consider it an experience.

Monica Best
Get yours fast!!

If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing the Homi-Box, jump off the fence and order yours before it’s gone. I got this as a gift and opened everything (took wrappers off and then packed it back in) to make it easier for her. I’m so incredibly impressed with the quality of the items. As I opened each item, I was so pleased. The blanket and pillow are beautiful…and made very well. The little notebook is so sweet. Of course, the two hedgies are adorable. The wooden hedgehog phone holder (or whatever you want to use it for) is so cute and sturdy. The round keepsake container is also very well made and darling. Even the big box it comes in is wonderful. To say I’m impressed with each item, the quality of each item and the care, in placing each item in the box, would be an understatement. This Homi-box surpassed all my expectations. Can’t wait for the next specialty box!

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