Birth of Bellzi

Hello Fellow Bellzi Lover Friends!

We are in the process of researching and developing our line of cute plushie! There has been some slight changes made to the Overall Bellzi design to make it look and hug better :D. We have 7 kinds of Bellzi Plushie being produced and 3-4 colors of each. They will all be on our website very soon. Bare with us!

Cutting small pieces of fabrics for each Bellzi has been a pretty slow process, but I can say my cutting skills and my precision with a scissor has definitely improved! We have worked hard on developing our wonderful Bellzi Plushie and have figure out exciting ideas through trials and error to create the Perfect Bellzi. The research part may be over, but the development process is not over yet! After we cut out all the pieces we still have to sew them all together, that will be the fun part :D.

Bellzi Plushie is Made in the United States, Made for Plushie Lovers, Made of Quality, and Made with Love. We only make the Best.


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