Bellzi® Cute Teal Fox Stuffed Animal Plush Toy - Foxxi

Height 12.00 (in)
Width 6.00 (in)
Depth 6.00 (in)
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Bellzi® Cute Teal Fox Stuffed Animal Plush Toy - Foxxi

Our Beautifully Designed Bellzi® Plush is the Best Stuff Animal to give to Someone you care about, for a friend Or just a great gift to keep for yourself! Perfect stuffed animal to cuddle with, to sleep with and to play with.

Check out our cute! Bellzi®. We guarantee that whoever receives this Premium Plush will absolutely LOVE IT!!

★ Please Buy ONLY if you are going to Cherish and Treasure Our Bellzi® Plushie =)

--------------------------------Product Information!------------------------------------

★ The coat is made from a very soft manmade synthetic fiber
★ Stuffed with 100% premium none bunch polyester filling ♥
★ Plastic Safety Eyes and Nose
★ High Quality Stitching

★ Regular: Appox. 12" inches high

"Don't Give Anything Less than the Best" -Bellzi

Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 12 ratings)
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One Fine Fox!
Written by Brittni Gibson on 12th May 2019

I'm giving this adorable foxy friend a 4/5 star rating! The overall design and construction of this cute-as-a-button fox plushie are spot on, but I do have a few nitpicks that prevent me from giving my teal Foxxi a 5/5. My biggest concern by far is that the stitching in my teal Foxxi's face is very prominent, which worries me that the stitches are strained and won't hold up to snuggling. On top of this, the white tag which displays materials and washing instructions was folded and sewn into my plushie, so I can not view this information without risking tearing open the stitches on his back.

Awesome Fox!
Written by Adam Deras on 2nd May 2018

Adorable plush! It's firm and and a bit weighty, super soft material, and the eyes don't seem like they'll scratch anytime soon. My only qualm is that when it was shipped, the ears were crushed in the packaging, but that easily fixed with ironing. Will be buying more soon!

Wonderful Plushie
Written by Adam Deras on 21st Apr 2018

Super cute, a bit firmer and heavier than I expected, but very nice nonetheless! The limbs are nice and floppy, and the crest on the foot is very clean and well done! And the color matches the picture perfectly! The head on mine was a little bit narrower, but I think that's because he was really tightly stuffed. My really only 'huge' qualm is that when he was shipped, his ears were crushed and folded in the packaging. But that's nothing a little ironing can't fix. Will recommend this to friend!

Nice Design Not Fully Stuffed
Written by Erica on 24th Nov 2017

I bought this aqua fox for my fiancee and it was super cute, but the face wasn't fully stuffed like the pictures so it was difficult to tell that it was a fox.

Great Quality
Written by Steven on 2nd May 2016

I purchased a Teal Foxxi for my girlfriend as she wanted one. The quality is great. Material is nice and soft. The seams and embroidered symbol on the foot are done nicely. Overall it is a great product and a great gift to give.

Supreme Ruler of all Plush
Written by Mary on 5th Apr 2016

I've bought a lot of plushies throughout my life and I can say that there isn't even a close competitor to the extreme quality and perfect ratio of Bellzi's plushies in softness and firmness. Logistically I knew that the 24" plush would be about twice the size of the 12" but I was not prepared for the overwhelming amount of additional cuddle size. This 24" plush is the size of a toddler. However unlike a toddler, this fox sits perfectly still wherever you place it and silently beseeches you for cuddles which you will give, unreservedly, because these plush are amazingly soft while still firmly holding up to the hardest of squeezes. There's no snagged or loose threads, leaking stuffing, or crooked eyes. These plush are of the highest quality and the only option I felt was good enough for my newborn nephew (though he got the smaller 12" versions so as to not be overwhelmed by so much awesomeness and to give him something to look forward to). Buy with confidence because you are getting the best in plushie craftsmanship there is.

Foxxi - Teal
Written by undefined on 26th Mar 2016

Super cute with the perfect amount of firm and the perfect amount of soft! I hope to add to my Bellzi collection in the future! c:

so cute and cuddly
Written by chelsea on 6th Mar 2016

its really well made. its better then i thought the quality is perfect. so worth the kickstarter

Super Soft and Cuddly
Written by undefined on 6th Mar 2016

I ordered Foxxi during the Kickstarter phase and was amazed how informed Bellzi keeps their customers. I received Foxxi and was thrilled. It's super well made and soft. Excellent Work.

love this plush!
Written by undefined on 18th Feb 2016

love this plush! favorite animal in my favorite color. might get another one of these cuties!

Love It!
Written by Jade B. on 20th Sep 2015

This plush is the softest thing! Like, kitten soft! Foxxi has amazing quality, great stitching, and awesome cuddling abilities! He is a little smaller than I though, but he is still sooo cute! The color is the same as the pictures, too. Shipping was good, coming from California to arrive in Massachusetts, and it was packaged nicely. I definitely reccomend this shop. If you are thinking about getting a Bellzi Plushie, do it!

Thank you!
Written by Mary Robinson on 14th Aug 2015

If I could leave 10 stars I would! This plushie is literally the softest I have ever come across and it was larger than I was expecting as well. The teal is even more vibrant in person and I was blown away by the high quality of stitching and embroidery my plushie has. Best of all, the super speedy shipping was greatly appreciated as the plushie arrived in my mailbox on the day I needed it the most and well before I had hoped it would. Could not be more thrilled with my fox and am definitely looking forward to purchasing another in the future.